How to Remove Pigeons from The Attic

Pigeons are seemingly everywhere, and that includes in your home. Pigeons don’t have much fear of humans, and that means they’ll happily start roosting in your home in order to have somewhere safe to live. Obviously, you won’t want to have them in your home, so how do you remove them? Here’s what you need to do.

Dangers of Pigeons in Your Home

Pigeons pose a danger to you if they get into your home, mostly through their waste. Their droppings are dangerous to humans as they contain pathogens that can make you ill. These are mostly airborne once the droppings have dried, so it’s very important that you remove pigeons as soon as possible.

Bird Removal From Attic, Pigeons Removal From Attic

Having pigeons in your home is also dangerous to the house itself, again thanks to their feces. It’s acidic in nature, so it can actually cause damage to surfaces.

Removing a Pigeon

Once you’ve found pigeons in your home, you’ll want to remove them ASAP. However, that’s easier said than done. Being birds, they’re going to be fast and can easily fly out of your reach. You’ll also see that they can roost in high, hard to reach areas. However, they will need to be removed one way or another. There are several ways you can do this. Firstly, you can attempt to catch them and remove them from the house. If you try this, you’ll need to ensure you’re using protective gear in order to keep yourself safe. Be advised though, this method isn’t as successful as others on this list.

Another way of removing a pigeon is to scare them away. How you do this depends on you, and what you have on hand. Some use leaf blowers on lower settings, in order to scare the pigeons out. If you can use a one-way door system, you can scare the bird out and shut the doors behind them, so they can’t get back in. This is also quite difficult to do, though.

Many have luck using traps to get the pigeons out. These are baited with food so the pigeon comes to investigate. As they enter the trap, the door shuts behind them and they can’t get out. These are more viable as they don’t require you to touch the bird to get it out, and you don’t have to try and catch it yourself. Once the pigeon has been trapped, you can release it outside.

Pigeon – Proofing Your Home

Once you’ve removed the pigeon from your home, you’ll need to work on making sure it can’t come back. Firstly, look for the entry point they had. This is usually a crack or a hole that they were able to squeeze through. It’s best to seal it up with metal or wire, so they can’t work it open again and get back in. You’ll need to destroy any nests you find, and ensure there are no young pigeons still living in the house. 

Birds Removal

If so, remove them before you seal up the house, otherwise, you’ll have another set of problems on your hands. Once the nest has been removed, you’ll need to clean up the droppings. It’s best to wear protective clothing, such as a mask and gloves, when you do this. Look at the spaces that the pigeons were roosting in, and see what can be done to stop them coming back. There are several ways you can make the space unappealing for them to roost in. Spikes can be installed on surfaces making it difficult for them to make nests. You can also include shock strips, that shock any bird that touches it. Barbed wire is another good idea and one that can easily be installed. If you’re not sure about any of this, you can always call an expert to come help you with removing the pigeons. They’ll be able to get them out safely, allowing you to seal up the entrances they’re using knowing that they’re gone.

Pigeons love roosting in your home as it’s safe and sheltered. If you trap them though, they’re easy to remove before they can pose a hazard to your health. Remember to seal any gaps and make roosting spaces inhabitable for them, and you shouldn’t have to worry about them again.

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