In the event you find a snake inside your home, here are three of the best DIY options to explore:

  1. Try pushing the snake out the door with a broomstick and maintain a distance.
  2. If you can identify it as non-venomous, wear thick welder’s gloves, pick it up, and move it outside safely.
  3. If the snake is hidden somewhere in the house and you can’t find it, you might want to use a snake trap. Make sure the trap has a sticky pad, so the snake won’t be able to escape. 

Getting Rid of Snakes in Your House

Snakes are some of the most scrutinized animals in the wild. They are wildly feared among most humans and in some cases even hated. This is unfortunate because more often than not snakes are harmless. They also serve a great benefit to society and play a vital role in the ecosystem. Snakes are great for keeping other pests like rats and mice under control. With that acknowledged, although snakes are great animals for society, they are better served outside the house rather than inside the house.

If you ever notice a snake inside your home, you should use all resources at your disposal to get the snake out quickly and effectively. This will be best for both you and the snake. The last thing you want to do is aggravate the snake. Once you realize there is a snake in your home the first thing you want to do is figure out its location. This can be very difficult and definitely sounds easier than it is. However, with a little time and organization, it is certainly possible and more importantly necessary. When you have the location of the snake, you can proceed to work on removing it from your home. One known method of getting rid of snakes is to herd the snake out with a long object like a broom or stick. Another way to remove a snake away from your home is to pin its head down with a stick and physically grab it with a tong or hook from behind and safely transport it away.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Basement

Snakes in a basement can be very tricky to remove. For starters, many homeowners have poor lighting in their basements. This can make it a bit difficult to find the exact location of the snake in the basement. For this reason, if your basement has bad lighting then the best thing you can do is to use a snake trap. Snake traps can be used almost anywhere and placed within close proximity to the snake. There is no need for precision. Although snake traps are great, sometimes snakes will not easily go into a trap. Believe it or not, snakes can be smarter than you think. If you decide to go with using a snake trap, you should do your due diligence to find out the type of snake you are dealing with. This is important because some snakes are poisonous and can be extremely dangerous. If you are dealing with a poisonous snake, please DO NOT HANDLE it by yourself. 

Call a wildlife expert instead, they can professionally assist and relieve you of any associated risks. However, if you can confirm that the snake you are dealing with is not poisonous, then you can proceed to catch it on your own.

Getting Rid of Snakes in Your Garden

Garden snakes are some of the most common snakes around and considering their name, it is no secret that they love to be in gardened locations. Snakes in general are often spotted in gardens by many homeowners. It is very easy for them to hide in gardens or yards with tall grass, especially if there is a lot of junk and clutter.

When dealing with snakes in a garden, the same rules apply as dealing with them in a basement. If you cannot identify the type of snake or think it may be poisonous, it is highly recommended to call an expert. Attempting to trap a poisonous snake can be extremely dangerous. If the snake is not poisonous, then setting a snake trap in a garden could be highly effective because snakes may perceive the trap as any other junk in the garden or possibly even as shelter.

Once you have set the snake trap, it may be a good idea to clean up any existing clutter that exists. When doing so, exercise caution because there may be other snakes in the area. If you find more snakes in the area, repeat the trapping process until all snakes are no longer present. Getting rid of garden snakes may not be as complicated as you think. You can actually disperse kitty litter across your garden as a way to repel snakes from returning.

Getting Rid of Snakes in the Crawlspace of Your House

Crawlspaces are perhaps the most inconvenient location in your house to find a snake. Crawlspaces are normally very small and don’t accommodate enough movement and mobility. In a crawlspace, it is very difficult for a human to move let alone move quickly. This however is not the issue for snakes given their size and maneuverability. If you find a snake in a crawlspace inside your home, there are two things you can try to do to get rid of the snake. The first option to explore is to place several traps within the crawlspace. This will give you a chance of catching the snake. The other option you could implement is getting motion sensors for the crawlspace. You can use sensors that trigger lights or those that turn on water sprinklers. This can help you identify where the snake is, and you could use a pair of tongs or snake hooks to safely transport it. In addition to choosing either of these options, you can also spread kitty litter in the crawl space to prevent the snakes from returning.

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