Different ways to kill wild hogs

The gestation period for wild hogs is usually around 115 days. After this period is over the wild hog gives birth to 4-6 piglets. This means that their population is increasing drastically by the day. Wild hogs can be a nuisance since they always tend to leave a mess in everywhere they go. The damage they cause is frustrating and can force you to take drastic actions. Killing wild hogs is a licensed process that helps in reducing their numbers and also bringing back your peace of mind. There are many different ways that can be used to kill a wild hog. However, you have to keep in mind that when approached, the animal may leave you injured or possibly infected. This is why it is highly advised that you trap, relocate, or find a professional to get rid of them.

Ways to kill a wild hog


Every method used against the wild hog should be licensed. This is to avoid severe complications with the law. Firearms are a very effective way of getting rid of wild hogs. It is most effective at night. The fact that you do not have to go too close to the animal is an advantage to you. This ensures that you are safe and protected from any aggressive behavior that may arise. However, wild hogs have a thick fatty layer that makes it hard for things to penetrate through. You will need to use bullets that will penetrate deeper and leave the wild hog dead. If you happen to miss the target, immediately release another bullet before the hog spots you or just retreat. This will help to avoid risky scenarios.

Wild Hogs Killing Ways
Different ways to kill wild hogs
Wild Hogs Killing Ways

Using trained dogs

Trained dogs have, many times, been used to track thieves. Their sense of smell and speed makes it easier for them to catch up with their target. They can also be similarly useful in the hog hunt process. The dogs need to be properly trained to avoid them being injured by the wild hogs. Remember that the hogs are omnivores and a possible threat could turn into a meal for them. 

Hog Dogs

Wild hogs are clever animals and are wary of repeated harassment. This is why you need to be extra cautious while using this method. It is better if you find help other than risking your life and that of your dog.


Another great way to ensure that your livestock is safe from wild hogs is by the use of snares. They are wire loops running around any possible entry route. They work by catching the animal’s neck and slowly tightening whenever the animal tries to move in panic. The animal may suffocate and die- if the snare is strong enough.

Use of spear

This is a method that you should only use when the need arises. The body of a wild hog is a hard one. This makes it hard for you to throw a spear and actually score. However, if you happen to succeed consider pushing the spear or holding it down to ensure that the hog dies completely.

Use of bows and arrows

If you are a hunter, you probably love the feel of this kind of hunting method. It gives you thesatisfaction of knowing that you own the game. However, does it apply when it comes to hunting wild hogs? Yes and no! This method will require heavy bows and very sharp arrows to help ensure that there is penetration and the shot is shot. 

wild hog caged

The bow and arrow method may require you to do a lot of practice before heading to the actual grounds. Using the right arrows may help you in the hunt. In most cases, the hogs don’t die immediately after the arrow shot. It runs and hides in panic. The hog will make it hard for you to trace it since their thick skin doesn’t allow much blood to leave the body.

Best way to control wild hogs

Other than killing wild hogs, the option of controlling them is the best. If it sounds hard for you, you can get professionals to help you with the process. Here is one of the ways you can use to control wild hogs.

Setting traps

One of the most effective traps is the live trap. It ensures that both the hog and you are safe. Live traps come in different designs. This depends on the number of hogs you are targeting. Using a trap that can camouflage with the surrounding is the best way to catch wild hogs. The traps that can be used are:

  • swing gates
  • drop gates
  • push gates

Once the trap is set you can relocate the wild hog to a new environment or find a professional wildlife removal company that is well versed in the process to do it for you.

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