Getting rid of rats

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The first step to getting rid of a rat infestation is to first figure out if the problem you’re facing is in fact a rat problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about whether you’re dealing with a rat infestation or not:

  • One of the clearest signs of a rat infestation would be the sudden appearance of dead or living rats in your home. Even seeing just one of these rascals could potentially mean an infestation already, this is because rats love to hide, and seeing one out in the open means it was forced out by other rats from its hiding area.
  • Bite marks are another sign of a potential rat infestation as rats love munching on plastic and wooden materials, as such, seeing bite marks on these is another sign of an infestation.
Getting Rid Of Rats
  • Finding rat droppings around your area is also a sign of a healthy rat in the vicinity
  • Lastly, finding dirt or grease marks along the walls and floor is another way by which one can tell if they’re dealing with a rat infestation. If none of the clear signs above is happening to you then you may opt to examine your surroundings for ‘rat runs’. These are tracks left behind by rats in low vegetation and act as pathways for rats.

Norway rats tend to reside in grassy areas beneath shady areas like trees. Roof rats on the other hand tend to hide beneath the floorboards and other areas around the house that aren’t visited by humans often. If any of the symptoms above are not observed within your home, then perhaps you may be looking at another issue, if they have been observed, it is likely that rats have come to infest your beloved home.

How to get rid of them

Now that you know you’re undergoing a rat infestation it’s best to know the methods by which you can get rid of them. By far the best method to get rid of a rat infestation is to consult a pest control professional. The reason why calling a professional is the best method is because these people are trained in the art of capturing and fending off these creatures and are likely to give you advice as to how to avoid it from happening again. 

Getting Rid Of Rats

Another reason is that the use of rat traps are not as effective as they may seem. Traps are useful for single targets, so they only eliminate one rat, rendering it useless against an infestation of rats. 

Another reason traps aren’t as useful is that rats tend to study their surroundings when rats find an unfamiliar object they tend to steer clear from it rendering the trap useless. If for some reason you are unable to contact a professional on the matter then you are only left with these methods.

  1. The first method, though not as effective for the reasons previously mentioned, is the live trap. These traps are set up in the holes by which the rats traverse. This renders them trapped and unable to leave. The downside to this is that it has to be regularly inspected.
  2. Another type of trap that can be used are snap traps. They are the cheapest option of killing or trapping a rat. Make sure to acquire the snap trap labelled “rat”. This is due to the fact that small mouse snap traps lack the strength to actually kill the rat, which would result in it inhumanely injuring the rat.
  3. The next kind of trap is the bait trap. This type of trap is the usual one you see in cartoons, where bait is set on a trigger plate that will trap the mouse when the weight of the bait is changed.
  4. Rodenticides are another way to get rid of rats from your home, but it is highly recommended that only professionals use this substance as misuse or accidents could be a matter of life and death. Rodenticides are the way by which professionals easily get rid of rat infestations.
  5. Glue boards are another way by which one can trap rats, though this method is ineffective against larger rats because large rats can simply free themselves from it with little effort.

Another important thing that most people forget when they capture a rat is what to do with it when it is captured. The best thing to do when you capture the rat is to either humanely kill it, or release it in an area where it can do no harm to anyone. It is never good to play around or savagely dispatch the rat, even if it has done damage to your home. The rat is still another living thing that can feel pain, and despite how much damage it has done to your home, it is not worth making it suffer. Make sure that, while the rat is in your possession, you keep it at a distance because a single rat bite can cause a lot of possible infections and diseases.

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