How to Remove a Bird from My House

Birds are beautiful creatures, but if they get into your home they can be a real pest. If you have one nesting on your property, how do you get them to leave? Here’s how you can remove them with ease.

Why Birds Come into Your Home

You wouldn’t think that birds want much to do with people, and usually, you would be right. However, they often associate people with food. There are lots of homeowners who like to put out bird feeders, especially during the winter. Even if you don’t have one, there could be a good source of food nearby. 

Bird Removal From Attic, Pigeons Removal From Attic

Your neighbours may be putting out garbage that offers a good meal or using bird feeders themselves. If there’s a constant source of food nearby, that can be enough to encourage birds to set up home. Another good reason for birds coming into your home is because they find they have a safe place in your building. They’re high up, away from any predators that may try to get at them. If they’re safe and close to food, they of course are going to want to stay.

Where Birds Nest

If a bird is nesting in your home, they’re most likely going to be in the soffits of your roof. This causes problems for you, as their nesting material will often end up in your vents and chimneys, causing airflow issues and even fire hazards.

Having birds in your home is also a problem because they can be noisy. You don’t want to deal with noise all day, so you’ll need to find a way to remove them. Finally, there’s the issue of droppings. As the birds stay in your home, they’re going to leave waste and that’s a problem for you. This can carry diseases, so you need the birds to be evicted as soon as possible.

How to Trap Birds

Birds are hard to catch, as they’re fast and can easily fly out of your reach. Trapping them is difficult, but it can be done. Many choose to use a trap that has a one-way door system. This will allow the bird to get in, but won’t let it back out again. It’s best to bait these with the food they can’t resist, such as birdseed. Once the bird has been trapped, you can take the trap outside and release the bird somewhere it can’t get back into your home.

Trapping birds can be difficult though, so it’s often best to call on a pest control expert to help you remove them if need be.

Encouraging Birds to Leave

If you don’t have access to a trap or don’t want to use one, there are other ways you can encourage a bird to leave your home. Firstly, you can use a leaf blower on the lowest setting. This should be enough to scare them and get them to leave. You can also physically catch them, but this is difficult and potentially dangerous to you so it’s not recommended.

Once the bird is gone you want to ensure it won’t come back. If they were in your attic, seal up the entrance so they can’t get back in. Installing spikes in the areas they were nesting will also discourage them from coming back. Also, check to see if there are any good nesting areas in your home, and remove them to ensure you won’t see the birds come back.

It’s also smart to check that there are no eggs or baby birds in any nests you find. If they get left behind, you don’t want to then be dealing with removing dead birds from your property.

Calling The Experts

Have you read this and are still unsure about getting birds out of your home? That’s reasonable, as birds are quite difficult to catch. If you’re unsure and want some help, it’s always best to call the experts and get them to handle removal for you. 

Birds can cause a real nuisance in your home, but you don’t have to put up with it. Remove the birds by placing traps, or scaring them away. Remove good nesting spots, and you won’t see them come back.

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