What are the different types of bird repellents?

Whilst birds are ordinarily a valuable part of the natural environment, there are instances in which they can be damaging both to your personal health and wellbeing and to the structural integrity of your property. A bird’s main weapon is its feces, which is both very acidic and a known carrier of diseases. US federal law bans the extermination of most birds, so you must be a little more creative if you wish to make your property bird-free. Whilst pest control companies are useful in the removal of birds, they often cannot guarantee the same birds won’t just come back. This is where repellents come in. Thankfully, there is a multitude of cheap and easy ways to protect yourself and your property from pesky birds. Here are a few different types of bird repellents that you may use:

Chemical repellents

Chemicals are perhaps the most effective way to prevent birds from settling in your property, but they pose multiple challenges in themselves. Often, when administering chemicals, you are at risk of being on the wrong side of the law. Most hardware stores, and even some superstores, will sell chemical repellents, but it is important to do some research before you buy. A common chemical used is polybutene, which can be applied as a gel using a caulking gun. Powders are available, as are liquids, but these are likely to blow away or stick to surfaces a little too much. Safety information is usually detailed on the packaging of these chemicals, but if you have a medical condition, to be on the safe side, do some extra research on the chemical you are investing in either on the internet or by speaking to an expert. Many chemicals can harm other wildlife, or destroy plants, so keen gardeners must be wary. Also, state and local laws are sometimes stricter than federal laws, so some more harmful chemicals may be illegal to use on birds.

DIY repellents

If you are short on cash, or a keen DIYer, effective bird repellents can be created simply using materials from your own home. One of the simplest, yet somewhat effective, ways to repel birds from your property is to sprinkle strong herbs and spices onto surfaces that birds are known to sit on. The strong aroma and the discomfort of the chili make birds a lot less likely to settle on your property. The key is to make the negatives outweigh the positives. 

Bird Repellents

However, there are a few problems with this method, primarily being the fact that herbs and spices are very light and so are prone to blowing away. This means you must replenish your supply very frequently, resulting in more spending than you may initially think. Fake birds of prey are also very popular in the repelling of birds, and with a bit of skill, it’s possible to make one yourself.  However, it is worth noting that many birds are becoming savvy to false birds of prey, and so they are having to be made ever more realistic to effectively fool the birds. Therefore, to ensure it will work, it may be worth splashing the cash and buying one with good reviews from your local store, to avoid your false bird of prey just becoming an ineffective ornament. These also only work subject to wind conditions.

Affect the birds’ senses

Sometimes, it can just take a little audio discomfort for birds to decide to evacuate your property. A well-known and effective method is simply to play loud music, but naturally, this is quite disturbing, both to yourself and to any neighbors. Thankfully, there is a way to cause just as much audio discomfort to birds but not disturb humans. Birds have more enhanced hearing than us and therefore can hear much higher frequencies. There are many audio kits in production that are specifically designed to play at a high enough frequency to cause audio discomfort to birds but leave humans unscathed. These range from small home kits to enormous, multi-speaker kits designed for warehouses and farms. There are even apps that can be bought that do the same sort of thing. Birds do not like bright lights as they cause discomfort and affect their night vision. Therefore, by having movement sensitive white lights, it will make life a lot more difficult for birds on your property. However, this may cause a nuisance to yourself too. Finally, a more practical approach is to invest or build your own, bird spikes. These make it simply impossible for birds to settle on walls as there is not a flat surface. These are not popular with everyone, as they look imposing and can be expensive. Nevertheless, they are perhaps the most effective way to prevent a bird infestation on your property.

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