Different ways to get rid of birds

Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures in nature, but they only belong in nature. They can be a nuisance if they are near or in your property. Birds may enter your attic, eat the vegetables from your garden, and roost on your roof. Birds can cause several problems for homeowners. Their behavior can damage your property and leave unsightly waste. Waste from wildlife is a health hazard. To avoid these health hazards and annoyances, you should remove birds from your property as quickly as possible. Here are some ways to get rid of birds:

Anti-Bird Netting

Birds often fly on roofs, near vents to attics, or under ceilings in buildings. Anti-bird netting prevents birds from entering your home through vents. The netting blocks entry to those points. Birds will leave the area to find a different place to roost. However, you may encounter problems with the net. 

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Birds can become tangled in the netting. Birds may also create holes in the netting. Holes ruin the net for further use, and you will need to replace it.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an expensive method to discourage birds from staying on your house. The design of bird spikes prevents birds from landing or mounting on a house. Large spikes are ideal choices for roofs. However, bird spikes are not the best solution, and can sometimes be ineffective. 

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They do not look good on a house’s exterior and birds can adjust to the spikes. Birds can use the spikes to support their nests.

Gutter Spikes

Another type of spike is the gutter spike. Birds can clog your gutters with their nest and waste. This can become a problem for your home if you do not quickly clean your gutters. Gutter spikes prevent birds from landing on your gutters. They are able to roost or build nests there. It is the best protection for open gutters.

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One-Way Doors

Birds commonly roost in people’s attics. A one-way door is a good and humane device to remove birds from your attic. It prevents further entry by any wildlife. Birds can only exit the door, and cannot enter back in.

In addition, the success of one-way doors requires a lot of preparation. You must estimate the number of birds in your attic. Then, set up the one-way door. It will take two to four days for all of the birds to leave. You can only disassemble it after every bird has left the building.


The oldest form of getting rid of birds is the classic scarecrow. Birds mistake a scarecrow for a person, and tend to stay away from it. You need to move the scarecrow to a different spot every few days because birds may stop avoiding it. Changing its position makes it appear tobe a natural person to birds.

Scarecrows are ideal choices for homeowners with gardens. Birds such as crows, finches, robins, and sparrows feed on vegetables in gardens. You do not want a bird snacking on your fresh fruits and vegetables. You invested a lot of time and work into your garden. Place a scarecrow in your garden to keep the birds away.

Light Reflection Devices

Light reflection devices are a common choice for removing birds from a particular area. The light from the reflection confuses and scares birds, discourages birds from approaching the area. Light reflection devices are also great to place near gardens.

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Particular smells can discourage animals from a territory. Bird repellents will deter birds from your lawn and garden. Birds dislike the chemicals from repellents, and will quickly leave the area as soon as you spray it.

Ultrasonic Motion

Ultrasonic motion is a great device for removing any annoying wildlife like birds. It detects motion from animals, then it sends an ultrasonic sound to scare birds away from your home.

You can place many of these devices around your home to block all corners of your property. In addition, this device drives many other types of pests away. Because of this, you do not need to worry about a variety of pests coming to your home.

Motion Sprinkler

Finally, a common tool for your lawn is also a unique method to get rid of birds, and that tool is a motion sprinkler. It is a fantastic method to remove a pest. A motion sprinkler detects motions and quickly sprays water towards the direction of the movement. The water is also harmless to animals. The bird will leave your lawn because of the sudden splash of water.

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