What to do if there are birds on your roof

Birds generally do not cause any harm to humans. In fact, we invite many of them in our homes as pets due to their lovely appearance, cute voice, and entertaining tricks. However, if birds decide to perch on the roof of your house – it’s a different story. In this case, they become a nuisance, an inconvenience, and even a threat.

Regardless if you are living in a rural or urban area, you are prone to this problem. If you are one of the millions of people all over the world experiencing the same dilemma, hold on tight! There is a lot of information that you should learn to create an effective strategy that will help you to get rid of birds on your roof. Let’s start with the basics.

Why do birds perch on your roof?

According to experts, birds don’t hang out on roofs for nothing. Here are the reasons why.

Vantage Point

Since birds have the awesome ability to fly, they are not worried about the threats that are below them or those that are on land. They are worried about predators who also have the ability to fly.

Perching on a property that has a good location and is an ideal altitude, gives birds an unobstructed vantage point to scout the area and make sure they are safe. While perching, they are strategizing and analyzing the moves of potential threats. They try to make the most out of the great view to look for possible food sources, shelters, and a hiding place should they need one.


Homes that have poor insulation are more prone to having birds lounging on their roof. Poor insulation means there is warm air coming out of the house. Birds love this. To them, it’s comfortable and even relaxing. The next time you see a bird on your roof, observe its gestures. If it looks like they’re feeling cozy, then it might be a sign that you need to work on your home’s insulation.

3 Problems caused by birds on your roof

#1 Mess

Birds make different types of mess. Firstly, they drop feces on your roof which fall into your yard, your patio, or even inside your house. You might have also observed that birds like pooping on cars. This alone is a very annoying problem. Imagine waking up in the morning all dressed up and ready to go to work and then you get out of your house only to find out that you have to clean up bird poop at 7 AM.

Birds On Roof

Secondly, birds can mess up your garbage cans when they scavenge for food. When you see trash lying around your yard, don’t just think that the culprit is your pet. Birds perching on your roof could be the ones to blame!

#2 Structural damage

Birds who like to lounge on roofs are often looking for a good spot to nest. Oftentimes, the roof where they like to perch is also the same place they choose to build a nest. If you suspect that there is a bird nesting on your roof, you should definitely take action because, in the long run, it might cause some serious structural damage to your house.

#3 Risk of transmitting diseases

Just like with other animals, bird poop can be a source of various kinds of diseases. One common illness that humans can get from bird droppings is Histoplasmosis. It is a respiratory disease that can lead to complications.

How to get rid of birds on your roof?

There are two types of bird exclusion methods that work: Spikes and netting. Simply install spikes on the areas of your roof that birds like to perch. These are usually flat surfaces such as tiles and gutters. Cover these areas with spikes and observe if it works. There are cases where the birds manage to find another spot in your roof where no spikes were installed. If this happens, you will need to cover your entire roof with spikes.

Birds On Roof

Do bird repellents work?

Mostly no. The main goal of repellents is to cause discomfort to the bird so that they will decide not to come back. However, this is not what usually happens. The bird often chooses to stay and ignore the repellent. If you want to effectively get rid of birds on your roof, you’d want to find alternative methods.

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