How to get rid of Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Duck Removal: Muscovy ducks are birds that are classified as pests because of the damage they cause when they occupy properties. These birds can occupy lawns and yards and cause a lot of damage. When a large number of the birds occupy your property, they can produce significant quantities of excrement. They can also cause damage to yards they occupy from their regular activities. These birds can also be aggressive around humans and are not good visitors.

Where do you find Muscovy ducks?

These Ducks are found around America. You can find Muscovy ducks in the US, with a high concentration in areas such as Texas. They are also found in Mexico, northern parts of South America, and Central America.

In areas where they are found, the birds create habitats in wetland areas, close to water bodies. They choose areas with tree cavities where they can easily lay eggs. If you live in an area that the birds occupy, you may find them in your yard, pool, or garden. They are also regularly found in ponds.

Getting rid of Muscovy ducks requires the application of different strategies, according to the area they occupy.

Getting rid of Muscovy ducks from ponds

The birds are attracted to ponds because they serve as sources of food and shelter. Without a proper management strategy, the ducks will land and settle in a pond in no time. Getting rid of the ducks from ponds thus involves preventing them from landing and getting them off after they land.

To prevent the birds from landing, you should apply measures that make the pond unattractive. Muscovy ducks will not land on a pond if they perceive a threat. That threat can come from materials that serve as deterrents. The birds will also be scared to land on a pond if a perceived predator is lurking around.

Muscovy Duck Removal

Deterrents such as light and sound can keep the critters from landing. Mirrors scattered around the pond can also deter the activity of Muscovy ducks from a pond. The ducks consider animals such as coyotes as predators. Coyote decoys are thus great for discouraging the activities of ducks on a pond. Dogs can also discourage the birds from landing on a pond.

Getting rid of Muscovy ducks from yards

If you live in an area that the birds frequent and your home is close to a water body, the birds are bound to invade your yard. They will invade your yard and cause damage that will cost a lot of money to fix. There is also the possibility of contracting diseases from contact with their feces.

Muscovy ducks are large birds, and regular traps are not effective in getting rid of them. When they settle on your property, trapping is best done with large funnel traps. To prevent them from visiting your yard in the first place, you can apply predator decoys. The presence of professionally trained dogs will also discourage them from visiting your yard as the dogs will chase them away.

Getting rid of Muscovy ducks from a pool

A pool can become infested by the aquatic birds. Getting rid of them from a pool thus requires ensuring that they do not have access to it and it is as unattractive as possible to them. To limit access to the pool, apply a pool cover. To make the pool very unattractive to them, you can place mirrors around it that will discourage them from landing. A fence and dog will also help to discourage their activities on and around the pool.

Getting rid of Muscovy ducks from a garden

Gardens are sources of food for the large birds, and they are bound to visit when the garden is close to a body of water. You can discourage the activity of these birds in your garden by using devices that will deter them. Such devices include motion detectors with the sound of birds in distress. That way they will perceive your garden as a danger zone and move to some other area.

You should note that, since the habitats of the birds have gradually reduced over time, they are protected by different local and state laws. The measures you apply in getting rid of them should be according to the laws that apply to your area. In some areas, trapping of the birds is not even allowed.

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